Prostate cancer & Its Treatment

In our previous Article you all get information about Lung Cancer and its treatment. Now today I am going one step ahead to talk about prostrate cancer and its treatment.

What is Prostrate Cancer:  Prostate is a walnut-sized gland, just in front of the rectum. Cancer cells have grown but have not spread beyond prostrate it found in men and generally affects over 65.  But when it spreads to the other part of body then this is known as advanced prostate cancer.



  • Pain during discharge urine
  • Blood in the urine
  • Weight Loss
  • Lower back pain


  • Aged 65+
  • Family History
  • High diet
  • African-Caribbean men


This type of cancer can be treated by Urologists, Radiation oncologists, Medical oncologists.  Its treatment depends on the grade of the cancer cells and patients scanning review as “age” and any other heavy disease.  When the Oncologist has treated to a prostate cancer patient then they may be suggest anticancer medicine as “fosfestrol” to the patients to recover early.  It comes as “fosfestrol 120 mg Tablets”. But maximum patients are not have proper idea to buy it online and have waste their maximum time and money.

How to buy Anticancer Medicine online?

As we know the very well a large number of pharmacies are available in the Market and selling same cancer medicine at the different price. So Before buying any medicine online, we should have to go through testimonial or reviews of online pharmacies. By doing this we can make difference among all and find the best one to get this drug at the best rate.

Side effect of Fosfestrol:

  • breast enlargement in male
  • fluid retention
  • withdrawal bleeding
  • arterial and venous thrombosis
  • Nausea,
  • Impotence

By getting any above sign after taking this drug you should call to doctor quickly. Fosfestrol is “generic” Name and Its trade Name (India) Honvan (300mg), Honvan (120mg) and International brand Name “Honvan”.

Conclusion:  Prostrate Cancer affects to the men after increasing their age. So we should aware about it and take precaution to beat this type of cancer and stay in touch with oncologist after passing age 60. We should also support to the all people who are working for cancer and be cautious before getting any anticancer drugs online without reading their testimonial or reviews.




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